Gustavo Diament

Diretor Geral do Spotify na América Latina

Started and Led the Spotify business across 17 markets in LatAm, building a +150MUSD/+13M MAU, making Spotifythe #1 Streaming Service in LatAm.
Built and Led a cross-functional team of 45 people in Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Miami.
Brought key launch partners in the region such as Coca-Cola, Subaru, America Movil, Fiat, Heineken, Unilever, J&J and LG among others.
Led Strategy to establish Digital Partnerships; a Re-seller Network and an Audio Adv. Focus that combined delivered +100% achievement of advertising revenue targets.
Established a new payments approach that allowed subscription in local currency. Targets exceeded 4X.
Big Buzz during pre-launch, giving exclusive access to opinion formers & launch partners. BR and MX achieved 1M active users in 2 weeks, making them the most successful launches among 58 countries.
Enabled key distribution deals with Telefonica (MX), Personal Telecom (AR/PY); ETB (CO); Televisa (MX), Elemidia (BR), Globosat (BR) and Billboard (BR).
With very limited budget, led the team to deploy Marketing/Social/PR campaigns that generated a 44% brand awareness across the region.

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